The best part of this styled jewel toned Moroccan table is that everything (minus the floral designs) came from a Norfolk, Va thrift store : Thrift Store USA. If you’ve ever been to this magical land then you know it’s above the norm when it comes to thrift shops and their selections. BUT it is still a thrift store and I walked in without any initial design ideas. So, basically blind.

The moment arrived when I found that to die for table cloth with it’s deep turquoise and purple hues. Swoon! So as I combed through the rest of the store the decor took shape around that gem.

When you’re styling a table you should always include some small detail that will make your guests stop and look for a minute. Your goal should be to have them pause and say, how clever! There was an adorable assortment of brass bells that I grabbed up and ended up using as the place card favors. The mixed and matched wine and water glasses provide extra color and texture. The after dinner drink glasses (a digstif) were just too dang cute not to include.

An aperitif is normally served before the meal to stimulate the appetite, while a digestif is served after a meal and tends to be stronger alcohol. Aperitif glasses and digestif glasses usually have a smaller volume as they are meant to be sipped or taken as a shot. The more you know right!?

Hope you enjoy the inspiration! You can see more of Lustre Theory’s styling designs HERE.

Jewel Toned Table Decor Inspiration
Jewel Toned Table Decor InspirationJewel Toned Table Decor InspirationJewel Toned Table Decor Inspiration