Fashion Branding Shoot in Turks and Caicos

Picture yourself in a sun-soaked paradise, where the sea melts into the sky, and the sand feels like a dream beneath your feet.

Welcome to Turks and Caicos, the stunning setting for an unforgettable beachwear brand shoot featuring the latest collection of beach cover-ups by Tracy Marcus. And where better to showcase such a dreamy collection than at a lavish private villa Le Cabanon nestled in this Caribbean jewel?

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Lifestyle Brand Shoot on Turks and CaicosBeachwear Brand Shoot on Turks and CaicosBeachwear Shoot at Le Cabanon Villa Turks and Caicos

This project was all about embracing the architecture.

We focused on capturing the feeling of this villa to help tell the story of this new luxury brand. With beach cover-up styles that exuded both elegance and comfort, these designs were the epitome of laid-back luxury, perfectly suited for this tropical haven.

Resortwear campaign shoot in Turks and CaicosSwimwear Brand Shoot on Turks and Caicos by Lustre Theory

Against the backdrop of the villa’s stone walls and shimmering pool, our models embodied the carefree spirit of island life, showcasing Tracy Marcus’s vision with every step.

With flowing white fabrics that whispered of distant shores.

These unique handmade fabrics oozed sophistication, each piece in the collection bore the unmistakable mark of creativity and style.

Resortwear branding campaign shoot on Turks and Caicos by Lustre TheoryLifestyle fashion campaign on turks and caicos by Lustre TheoryBeachwear brand shoot on Turks and Caicos by Lustre TheoryResortwear lifestyle campaign in Turks and Caicos by Lustre Theory

We utilized the entire villa and landscape around it.

Lounging on sun-drenched patios to strolling along sandy shores, we made every corner of the villa their personal runway. Our photographer – Theresa Kelly Studios captured these moments perfectly.

As the day melted into a golden evening we incorporated night shooting and flash photography as well.

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Turks and Caicos Villa Fashion Shoot

Beachwear Branding Campaign in Turks and Caicos by Lustre Theory

Here’s to embracing the spirit of island living and seizing every adventure that comes your way.


Beachwear lifestyle brand campaign in turks and caicos by lustre theoryResort Branding Shoot on Turks and Caicos by Lustre TheoryBeachwear branding campaign on turks and caicos