Dreamy ballet photo shoot in a garden setting.
Photography by David Abel

In the midst of an old Virginia Manor House, where time seemed to stand still and whispers of history danced through the air, our ballet-themed fashion photo shoot, set amidst a dreamy garden, unfolds.

To design this lush greenery and indoor floral garden we worked closely with Darling and Daughters  to create an intertwined set with the weathered grandeur of the Salubria Manor House. Amidst this backdrop of timeless charm our Emilie is wore a long, flowing feather gown that billowed with each graceful movement. Our gowns for this project came from Karen Sabag in New York City.

A Ballet / “Garden of Dance” was the inspiration for this photo shoot but not the traditional idea of what a ballerina should dress like. We wanted touches of ballet that would add to the project’s elegance.¬† From Emilie’s poses and delicate choreography to the flowing fabrics and fluttering feathers.

The beauty of the scene was further enhanced by the presence of all our lush growing florals. Vibrant blooms intertwined with verdant foliage, weaving a tapestry of colors and textures that added depth and dimension to the enchanting garden setting.

Fine Art Ballet Photo Shoot with Green Feather Gown

The juxtaposition of the delicate ballet theme against the backdrop of the old manor house created a sense of timeless beauty and romance. The weathered blue-green walls served as a stark contrast to the softness and fluidity of the model’s movements, highlighting the past and the present, the traditional and the modern. In the end all the colors, texture and fashion perfectly complimented each other.


Fine Art Fashion Shoot in a Garden

See how we created this magic floral photo set in the video below.


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Garden Photo Set Design at Salubria


Fine Art Wedding Shoot at Salubria

Fine Art Ballet Themed Fashion Shoot

Indoor Garden Installation Photo Set with model and green feather dress.

Fashion Shoot with Ballet Theme in a Garden

Ballet Fashion Shoot at SalubriaFine Art Bridal Themed Fashion Shoot

In the end, the ballet-theme evolved into an immersive experience that captivated the senses and stirred the soul. It was a celebration of beauty, elegance, and grace, set against the backdrop of a dreamy garden and an old manor house steeped in history.

In this enchanted garden, where dreams took flight and reality faded away, the allure of timeless elegance lingered like a whisper on the breeze. You can see more from this Ballet Themed Fashion Shoot HERE.