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With so many options out there for wedding vendors the choices can get confusing to say the least! But which ones do you really need? You already know that a caterer, venue, and photographer are a must, but there are some who you might not be as sure about. Like… An Event Stylist / Designer.

The most common question I often hear as an event stylist is, “How is an event stylist different from a wedding planner?” Hopefully I can answer that question for you below.

What does an Event Stylist do?
An event stylist will work with you to develop a unified visual plan and design for your wedding. In short, we’re in charge of all things that can affect what your wedding will look like and the overall aesthetics. We set the visual tone of the event for you based on what you have envisioned. A true event stylist is the creative director of your story who specializes in design. Design of the decor, the settings, the mood lighting, floor plans, how the visual palette works with the reception venue, right down to the smallest intricate embellishments. We are the visual detail freaks.

Is an event stylist the same as a wedding planner?
Most of the time no. Some wedding planners do offer styling services within their packages. These amazing members of the industry are the Project Managers. Wedding planners develop a budget, create a timeline, negotiate and manage vendor contracts, organize travel requirements, set up the seating chart and more. Everything they do is all aimed at making your wedding day as stress free as possibles. They are the masters of logistics! If you hire a stylist for your day they will work closely with your planner making sure everyone is on the same page.

Is an event stylist for everyone?
Not everyone needs a full service stylist for their wedding or event. Many stylists, like me, do offer decor consulting packages that can help you get started at a lower cost. Ultimately, it can come down to being a budget oriented decision. Do you care a lot about all the little visual details and how all the decor pieces will fit together for your wedding or event? Like making sure your invitations reflect your overall design theme, finding that perfect floral vessel color, sourcing the best flower choices that are in season for your designs. If yes, then you probably should hire an event stylist or designer to make sure everything looks the way you are envisioning for your wedding or event.

Should I hire a stylist?
If event design and having a gorgeous wedding and the photos to show it is a high priority for you then yes! Having a dedicated stylist who’s only job is to make sure your event checks all the right design and decor boxes can also help with event publication if having your wedding published on a major wedding blog or magazine is important to you. All those gorgeous photos you see on Pinterest don’t just happen, it takes months of planning, sourcing and design expertise.

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